The Egyptian Commission for the Safety of Maritime Navigation arranged to visit a ship, which entered the port of Alexandria and bore the flag of Malta, carrying a crew of about 1,000 personnel, on the assignment of Minister of Transport Dr. Hisham Arafat.

The move is aimed at emphasizing the application of security and safety standards in Egyptian ports, in accordance with international conventions and protocols issued by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Dr. Khalid Hamdi, first Assistant Minister of Transport, explained that the visit aims to assess the level of logistics and technical services provided to the ship and the shipping line in various Egyptian ports, to determine the most important demands and services that such ships and shipping lines want to provide from The Egyptian authorities, to attract major shipping lines, to have regular visits to Egyptian ports.

Maj. Gen. Khaled Zahran, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Authority for maritime safety, also noted that the purpose of the visit is to confirm that the inspectors of the port state control P.S.C in Egypt apply the security and safety standards set out in the international conventions and protocols issued by the Organization The IMO International Maritime and acceding to Egypt.